Personal Data Protection Law

PDPL stands for The Personal Data Protection Law, the Law provides a legal regulation for the protection of the personal data of individuals based on a holistic approach. Through this, the Policy on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data offers guidance on how to tangibly implement the PDPL and the rules set forth by relevant law enactment. The sustained compliance with the Policy by enacting necessary measures to ensure conformity to the Policy.

Measure to Protect Personal Data:

Technical Measures Taken to Ensure the Security of Personal Data

It provides enough security to prevent the illegal processing of illegal access to the safekeeping of personal data which is processed in compliance with PDPL.

Administrative Measures on the Protection of Personal Data

The activities that are executed and analyzed specifically according to business departments. Personal data processing activities specific to the commercial activities executed by the relevant department, and necessary confidentiality agreements are signed under this analysis.

Protection of Sensitive Personal Data

The PDPL gives special importance to personal data due to their risk of causing victimization or discrimination of the person when processed in illegal ways.

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